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1. Team up with your family members and neighbors.

2. Know the “going rate” for royalty percentages and bonus payment amounts.

3. Do not warrant mineral title.

4. Always demand an exhibit with favorable terms be included as part of the lease.

5. Know your legal description and the number of mineral acres owned.

6. Do not give up surface damages in a lease.

7. Always include a depth severance provision.

8. Do not allow post-production costs to be deducted from royalties.

9. Always ask that the company indemnify you for damages the company causes.

10. Do not allow a division order to modify your lease.

Our firm is experienced in helping Oklahoma’s mineral owners obtain favorable

lease provisions to protect their rights and hold the oil and gas companies

responsible for their obligations under the lease.

Please contact our office to ensure you will not be taken advantage of and that you

obtain the best deal possible.